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Joe and I met in December of 2005 in Bellingham, WA while attending Western Washington University. Our roommates were dating each other and introduced us to one another during a group hangout at Joe’s apartment. We really connected but I was moving to Arizona in about 6 weeks so I knew nothing could get really serious. We saw each other as much as possible during those few weeks but I ended up leaving for the desert in early 2006. Fast forward to August of 2007 and I found myself back in the PNW and trying to reconnect with Joe who I could never get out of my head. We were both finally in a place where we decided to get serious and never looked back. After college, Joe decided to give his passion (drumming in a band) all he had and quit his job to tour full time with the

guys. We moved to Seattle in 2009 and moved into “The band house” with 9 other members and significant others and from there the guys toured the country playing gigs whenever and wherever they could. After a few years in the Big City we ended up moving east of the Cascades to his hometown of Selah WA. I went back to school and got my Winery Technology Degree and Joe continued to tour and work whenever he could at the family plant nursery. We both knew we wanted to get married and have a family so on September 8th, 2012, we were married on the banks of the Yakima River and Joe decided to leave the band and start working in the Hop industry.

Obviously, the decision to leave the band was tough but he was and is still able to play whenever possible. In December of 2014 we were able to purchase our dream home on 3 acres and moved in while pregnant with our first daughter. Copper Brynn was born April of 2015.

Because Joe and I both come from larger families with multiple siblings, we always wanted to have at least 2 or 3 kids. After the diagnosis of unexplained secondary infertility, it was pretty much a punch in the gut that our daughter may not have the big family with brothers and sisters. I am most looking forward seeing our daughter embrace being a big sister and seeing her thrive in that environment.

When our first born was about 9 months we were ready to start trying for baby number two. It took us about 9 months to get pregnant the first time around, so I knew it wouldn’t just happen overnight. After 3 years of ovulation test after ovulation test and tracking my cycle constantly I knew that we were going to need more than just drugstore tests and a free app. We finally made the choice to contact PNWF in the summer of 2019 to try and get some answers and see what was actually going. After a few labs we found my Thyroid numbers were off and I was prescribed meds to get that in check. Once that happened, (which was pretty quick) we started the process of IUI’s. We ended up doing 6 IUI’s from late 2019-to the summer of 2020 with absolutely no luck at all. With those failures, as well as the pandemic wreaking havoc on everything were feeling pretty defeated. Once we felt that IVF would pretty much be our only option to grow our family biologically, we started the long process. With positive news about my egg count and my husband’s sperm motility we felt pretty confident about our odds and so did our DR. My egg retrieval was set for early May 2021 and

we got the amazing news they were able to retrieve 27 eggs. From there our numbers obviously dropped but we ended up having 3 perfect embryos. Five days later we transferred a perfect fresh embryo and 2 weeks later we found out we were officially pregnant.

Appointment after appointment our baby was growing and thriving, and we could not have been more thrilled. 10 weeks later we officially graduated from our clinic to our now midwife.

The most challenging part personally for me was not really having any answers as to WHY we couldn’t conceive. The other difficult part was starting IVF during COVID and having my husband at my appointments. I think the most positive experience during our IVF journey was all the support from friends and family. Because our clinic was 2 hours away from our house and I couldn’t have our daughter at the appointments, needed all the help we could get with babysitting and overnighters.

I pray that Opal grows up knowing that she is loved beyond measure by the God who created her and that she knows how much her parents wanted and love her. For other families going through this challenging journey, I would tell them to have hope, cry when you need to cry, pray fiercely, and talk about all the emotions you are feeling.

This grant meant a lot. It made the IVF total seem a little more manageable and gave me a sense of peace that we were doing the right thing to grow our family. We were just so thankful to even have the opportunity to apply for this grant and feel so blessed we were picked to receive it. It just made the cost feel more manageable and really helped push us in the direction of IVF.

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