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My husband and I first met when we were both working in a music store. I was teaching flute lessons and he was working as the lesson schedule coordinator. The first time we met we talked for a few minutes, only to discover that I had a HUGE crush on him in High School. We’re five years apart in age, and when we would take trips with the marching band, we would watch videos of the previous years’ marching shows. He was a soloist, so of course I noticed him in the video immediately.

From then on, I just knew we would get married. (I know because I told him we would!) He showed up in Dallas for a connecting flight going to Tulsa and proposed with “Oh Darling!” by the Beatles playing in the background. He had pre-recorded it playing several different instruments all by himself! Our wedding was full of fun, food, family, and of course dancing! We did a special swing-dance number for our first dance as a married couple, and it was absolutely fabulous!

After a year of being married we decided to start trying to grow our family. We have both always had a special strong bond with children and have always wanted kids of our own. My husband’s family had taken care of over 100 foster kids while he was growing up and now, we have been married since June of 2014 and trying to have a baby of our own since September of 2015. We tried an IUI last year along with several months of medications to help and nothing has been successful so far. Our hearts are very full of love for children, so we are hoping to bring a biological child into this world to share our love for music, and our love for family.

We have been fortunate to be able to see our closest friends and family take part in creating the miracle of life and we are just hoping to join the ranks and share the joy that we have witnessed firsthand. Every month we have high hopes and have had to deal with disappointment. We have both gained a better understanding of issues relating to infertility and have heard many people share similar stories of disappointment. We have also heard encouraging and uplifting stories that help to keep our desire to start a family strong.

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