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My husband and I have been trying since January 2015 to start a family. We have had three successful pregnancies but by 8 weeks I miscarry. 2018 we went into to have a sonogram to hear the babies heart beat and they pulled us into a room to give us the bad news that we lost the third baby. We have lost three babies from miscarriages and not been successful at getting pregnant again since 2018.We went through months of testing to find a reason as to why we can’t carry to full turn and the results are that my husband can not have kids due to having issue with his chromosome which makes my eggs attack his sperm. We then decided in June 2018 to join CPS classes to adopt a child who needs a forever home. Since being approved to be Foster/adoption parents we have excepted 2 new born babies on two seperate occasions and both have been taken back due to finding family they could not locate at the time of placement. We here told these children do not have homes and could possibly be up for adoption since they have not located any family. Then after accepting the babies, come to find out a week later they have found a family placement and after 5 weeks of falling in love with each baby we get them taken out of our home and given to someone else. Now we have lost 5 babies and still waiting for that child who needs a forever home. We have decided after a year and seven months of waiting for CPS to call with a child that’s up for adoption, we only have one option left and that is to have a child of our own using a sperm donor. We are not rich but we are comfortable so we could not afford to do IVF or private adoption. We really want to start our own family and have the experience of bonding from birth. We hope that we will soon have a baby of our own which we have wanted for so long. God has a plan and we just hope that includes a miracle for our family.

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