Ava & Scott

We became friends over 15 years ago.  Both of us were a little smitten with each other from the beginning, but the timing wasn’t quite right.  I noticed early how good he was with children and I loved that about him.  Years went by and we stayed in touch, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that we met up for dinner and fell in love.  The timing was finally right for both of us.  We haven’t left each other’s sides since that dinner.  He moved in within 4 weeks.  Within 4 months we decided we were ready for a family.  We started trying for a baby right away.  He proposed 2017, and all of our family and friends gathered in 2018 to watch us tie the knot. After the wedding I decided to go to my doctor for some fertility guidance, since at this point, we had been trying for a little over a year with no results.  She put me on medication for 4 months. 

After that 4 months with no positive tests, I asked her for further testing, but she told me “There is nothing in your history to suggest you need more testing. Here is another prescription. This is probably just a timing thing.”  After 4 more months she referred me to HFI. We immediately found out with testing that I had a blocked tube and even though his count is high their motility is low. I recently had a procedure to remove the blockage, but after speaking with my Doctor, getting pregnant naturally is not in our favor.  She has recommended IVF treatment. 

We are now in the beginning stages of coming up with the finances to pay for the treatment.  Although we have enough money and love to provide for a child the cost of the treatment is out of our reach at this time. That is why we are writing you in hopes that you can help us achieve the one thing we both have dreamed of for years. Thank you for your consideration.

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