#GITTC2021 Pre-registration for nigeriaN FRIENDS

If you are not able to donate using the 5k, 10k or Marathon Relay Sign-Up Forms, you can pre-register yourself for the 5k, 10k or your team for the Marathon Relay. This pre-registration option is available for both team  and individual registrations. 

The individual donation fee for the 5k is 20,000 Naira, 10k is 30,000 Naira. You will receive 1 raffle ticket!

The team donation fee for the Marathon Relay (up to 4 members completing 42.2 km) is 120,000 Naira. The team will receive 6 raffle tickets!

An additional raffle ticket will be allocated for every additional 20,000 Naira Donation.

 If there are more tickets than team members, we will contact the team lead for assignment of raffle tickets.

After submitting your pre-registration below, you will receive an email on how to complete your registration.

Pre-Registration for the GITTC Race (Nigeria Registrations)
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