Personal Stories

James & Amber

My husband and I first met when we were both working in a music store. I was teaching flute lessons and he was working as

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Joe & Katie

Joe and I met in December of 2005 in Bellingham, WA while attending Western Washington University. Our roommates were dating each other and introduced us

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Melissa and Michael’s Story

“This was the hardest thing we ever experienced in our lives! Our doctor told us to heal and let him know what our next step was. For us, our next step was another transfer, although we had no idea how we were going to pay for it.

That’s when we found out about ANEDEN GIVES Grant. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, so we filled out the application and were elated to find out we were selected to receive the grant just as we were starting the process for another transfer.”

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TC Story At 1!

Happy 1st Birthday to TC Story!! ???? ⁠⁠
TC is the very first ANEDEN GIVES baby!! Here are some fun facts about TC.

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